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When a family member was discharged from the hospital he entered Courtyard. He was not your typical “rehab” patient. Although his challenges were new to the facility they worked tirelessly to take care of him. He is now stable through their efforts. I can not say enough about the accessible, supportive and resourceful staff. From the attending physician, to the administrative staff, PT/OT, medical staff, and all the way to housekeeping and kitchen staff they are visible, welcoming and caring.

We are very pleased and thankful.

Lana F.

5-star, Yelp and Google Review

Katrina is so organized and professional. She is also very kind and caring with the patients. The facility is also very clean!

Patrina B.

5-star, Google Review

My grandma was here for some time for rehab.

The ladies were all so great & we built a bond with the staff & the patients in care here.

They really helped my grandma recover and we got to bring her home before Christmas. Lannie was so great and helpful through her stay.

Thank you ladies!

Melissa C.

5-star, Yelp Review

I had the privilege of touring The Courtyard Care Center alongside Carol Bodnar, and I must say, it was an incredibly impressive experience. The recent renovations have truly transformed this skilled nursing facility into a top-notch establishment.

One of the standout features is the abundance of attentive staff members readily available, ensuring a high level of care and attention to each resident. The facility is exceptionally well-organized, which is a testament to the dedication of the team behind it.

As a professional in the field, I am thrilled to have The Courtyard Care Center as a trusted option for the families I work with. It’s reassuring to know that there is a facility of this caliber that I can confidently refer to. I look forward to the opportunity of working together and contributing to the wellbeing of the residents here.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking exceptional care in a welcoming and expertly managed environment!

Christopher L.

5-star, Google Review

Great facility, highly recommend. Jose, Luz, Agnes & all of the staff here are extremely attentive & respectful.

Suvada T.

Yelp Review

I like the staff, they are very helpful. All are making my stay very enjoyable. I like the thoughtfulness and inspiration from my Rehab Team. Therapists offer a lot of encouragement for me. Happy to be at Courtyard Care Center.

Daniel H.

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The staff at the Courtyard Care Center were very knowledgeable and caring. They taught me how to walk again after having been resigned to a wheelchair for eight months. The CNAs were very helpful on an individualized basis, even with the facility being full, with very few spare beds. The physician was kind, caring and dedicated to my needs as a patient, as I was recovering from having multiple surgeries on my arm at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center as well as having to work with the excellent physical therapists to re-learn how to walk. I highly recommend Courtyard Care Center San Jose campus to anyone who is in need of a physical rehabilitation center.

Mary K.

Yelp Review

I was discharged from the hospital to Courtyard weeks ago. I’m impressed with the cleanliness, organized and well-managed environment here. Under the superb leadership of Aaron, an energetic manager, no matter day or night shift, from the nurses, CNA, staff, activity teams, social worker, facilities to housekeeping, everyone treats the residents and guests cheerfully with the utmost attentiveness, care, compassion and respect.

Besides, Lupi and her hard-working kitchen teammates always serve meals hot with good balance and taste. I greatly appreciate that they are able to alter my menu preferences to accommodate my special digestion needs. Minimally processed meat cooked from the kitchen is very delicious, would like to have less processed food on the menu.

I highly recommend the Courtyard to anyone looking for a place for loved ones since you can trust good hands in here bringing a sense of peace to your entire family.


Google Review

Nurses are quick to respond and all staff treated me like family member. Friendly atmosphere. Physical therapy is always a class above, take pride in your success and they don’t give up.

Cain B.

Google Review

I was transferred here from another facility, there was a big difference.

1st. The food was prepared so much better and had more flavor and was the correct temperature.
2nd. The staff since I arrived they have done their best to make sure I was taken care of and had everything I needed, it was nice to wake up to their smiling faces, despite all my pain they went out of their way to make me laugh and forget about my pain and they waited on me hand and foot and I could never thank them enough.
3rd. The building was really nice well taken care of, and everything worked.
the biggest thing for me was the cleanliness, it was always being kept clean, the rooms were cleaned on a daily basis and the trash can in the room was also emptied daily, I really liked that.

Overall I give courtyard A+

Charles H.

Google Review

By far the most outstanding I have seen. Service, cleanliness noteworthy. I almost regret leaving Courtyard despite pleasure of going home. I can’t overstate my regard for Courtyard.

Raleigh F.

Google Review

My folks met with a terrible accident and after multiple surgeries, when they were ready to be discharged is when the challenge began. No rehab would accept them either because of their complicated injury case or because of insurance. But Jose from Courtyard met my folks in the Hospital and decided to accept them. Willow Glen accepted them too but we went with Courtyard because it was closer to home. And am I glad we did ! I had severe apprehensions in the beginning because I had heard nursing home horror stories. But all of that began to slowly disappear. As a caregiver for my folks over the past 6 years, I was deeply concerned about their well being but courtyard became a family to us very soon. My dad had severe hand injuries and my mom had one of the most complex leg injuries. Courtyard ensured first and foremost that they were placed in the same room. I cannot shower enough praise on the care team for what they have done but some names that come to mind are below. I apologize if I left anyone out.

*Admissions & Transport – Jose, Jane, Ver & Maynard
These guys really look out for the patients and ensure they are comfortable. All of them always were pleasant when I ran into them every single day while visiting my folks. Maynard works his magic when transportation needs to be arranged and man is he skillful at it. Ver always solved any issues that my folks faced immediately.

* Docs, Labs
One thing was evident after a few days. The PCP team truly cares for the patients. From keeping an eye on the health of patients to working on prescriptions and orders anytime of the day or night, the medical team at Courtyard was professional and responsive.

*Nursing Team – Alicia, Dao, Avee, Cindy, Charlotte (sorry forgot a few night shift nurses names)
Each and every nurse of courtyard served my folks always with a smile and went above and beyond their call of duty. Multiple call-lights were answered promptly inspite of their heavy load. Any care needs were promptly followed up with doctors and prioritized. Kudos to the entire nursing team.

*PT/OT – Austin, Aparna & Francisco
Wow – these guys are the true heroes. I never thought my dad would be able to use his hands again or for that matter my mom would ever walk. But after 3 months, what this team has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. Austin is gentle and assertive while motivating patients, Aparna has great tenacity and perseverance with patients and Francisco has great technique. Between these three and a few others, the PT/OT team make the impossible, possible. You have to see them in action to believe it.

*CNAs – Renato, Aman, Ramir and a few others.
These guys are the backbone of courtyard. They day-in and day-out clean patients, bathe them, and care for them. The call lights keep beeping non-stop but they run from pillar to post providing care. They do a thankless job and I am eternally greatful to what they have done for my folks.

* Social Worker – Agnes
When it is time to go home and figure out the next steps, Agnes steps in and guides you all the way. I truly appreciated her patience, her empathy for the patients and family and her perseverance in working with Insurance.

* Others – Kitchen Staff, Cleaners, Maintenance etc.
Without them a SNF would crumble. From upkeep to maintenance, these guys keep the machinery moving.

But most importantly there is something called family responsibility. Patient health improves when family stays involved and my folks were lucky that the entire family was involved in the care and helped my folks recover fast. A SNF or acute rehab needs help from the family too to keep patients healthy, motivated and heal. If we as family drop the ball, what can we expect of the SNF/rehab?

Thank you Courtyard. Without you guys, my folks wouldn’t have recovered as fast and as best as they could. The entire family is eternally grateful for the selfless service that you do for all patients. Yes, you do get remunerated for it, but that alone doesn’t cut it. After seeing what each one of you do on a daily basis, nothing can compensate for the service that you provide.

Sri I.

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